We are a small family owned business located in Eau Claire, WI. Our specialty is building transmissions for passenger vehicles and light trucks. The goal here at Xtreme Transmission is very simple, build the best unit for your application at a competitive price and provide nothing less than the quality service you've come to expect from a specialty drive-line shop. Every unit is built with the utmost attention to precision, detail and specifically for the intended purpose that you the customer has in mind. With the availability of in-house machining services, experienced, dedicated technicians, and the greatest supply houses in the country we can tailor your transmission to your specific needs even if that means running the kids to soccer practice. Our transmissions are purpose built, quality units, right here in the Chippewa Valley.


Simply put, are what we do. Xtreme Transmission rebuilds your transmission right here in house. We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and rebuild any make or model transmission. Because “Rebuild” means so many different things to so many different people, let me explain our standards. First and foremost Diagnostics -- Proper diagnosis of the complaint is where it starts. There is no sense in rebuilding a transmission that doesn't need it, right? Perhaps the engine has a miss that is causing the complaint. Second, if the transmission is in need of a rebuild, we would remove the transmission from the vehicle, tear down the transmission, and inspect each and every component for damage or fatigue. Third, all damaged or fatigued components would be replaced and the transmission re-assembled. Lastly, we reinstall the transmission in the vehicle, fill with fluid, test drive, make adjustments if necessary, and ensure that all related components are functioning properly; I.E. TPS, Mass Airflow, Battery, and many other on-board electronics.

   For a rebuild, your transmission will get a new Torque Converter, Frictions, Bands, Thrust Washers, Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Electronics, Valve Body Re-Program Kit (if available), and any hard parts deemed non serviceable. A transmission built by Xtreme Transmission is on the average 30% stronger than a stock transmission. Why do we do this? It’s about durability and longevity. Our Passenger Vehicle (Non-Commercial) transmissions carry a 2-year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. This completes the rebuild process in the most efficient and affordable way for you, our patrons. If you have any questions or concerns about your transmission, don't hesitate to give us a call or simply stop in.

Diesel Repair and Upgrades


We offer a wide variety of Diesel services, Xtreme Transmission is able to meet all the demands of our diesel customer needs. We service and repair Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax and Ford Powerstroke light duty trucks. We offer Tuners, Turbos, Torque Converters, Exhaust kits, Injectors, Injection Pumps, and much much more. What ever your diesel needs many be, we have the technical experience and tools to ensure nothing less than best in quality and service.

Transfer Case


This device transfers power from the transmission to both the front and rear differentials and in most cases are completely forgotten about until they make noise, leak, grind or stop transmitting power all together. Xtreme Transmission would be happy to help with any and all of your Transfer case needs. We rebuild, Repair, update and service all transfer cases, from all manufacturers. Xtreme Transmission also stocks that hard to find specialty fluid as well. If you have concerns about the transfer case in your vehicle, or just need a service stop in or give us a call.



We will service, rebuild, re-gear and bearing your front or rear differential. Axle bearings, axles, housings and much more all are repaired at our facility. Custom built applications for race and severe off-road use also available.

Performance and Race Applications


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